A new & fresh approach to comfort

The Intex group of companies has been providing products for use by some of the world's leading names in the retail, travel and leisure industry for over 15 years from its manufacturing sites in China. With the establishment of a European sales and marketing office, and the recruitment of 2 Commercial Managers, with a combined experience of over 25 years in the business, Intex now offers its clients the chance to deal directly with the supplier of their goods thus giving them direct access to manufacturing expertise, product knowhow and factory direct prices.



Traditional woven or fleece blankets: Lightweight, Disposable, Embroidered, Printed and Ribbed

Pillows / Covers

Rotable Pillows and Pillow Covers,
U-Shaped Pillows, Disposable Pillows and Disposable Pillow Covers

Headrest Covers

Rotable Headrest Covers, Embroidered, Printed, Leather and Leatherette, Disposable Headrest Covers

Sleeper Products

Luxury Duvets, Mattresses and Seat Toppers, Sleepsuits, Bed Socks, Eye Masks, Pillows

Table Linen

Rotable Napkins, Table Cloths, Trolley Covers, Disposable Napkins, Tray Mats, Coasters


Luxury Hand and Face Towels, Cotton Hot and Cold Towels, Disposable Towels, Scented Wipes, Printed Sachets

Comfort Packs

Bespoke and Personalised Amenity and Comfort Packs, Children's Kits

Laundry / Air Sickness Bags

Flame Retardant Fire Bags, Laundry BagsSide Folded or Block Bottomed Air Sickness/Tidy Bags

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