Our key production facility in the Chinese province of Zhejiang is light, airy and spacious and occupies over 40,000m². It is home to state of the art machinery in terms of textile production including:

  • 20 x large single needle machines for the production of duvets and sleeper products
  • 4 x large combing machines
  • More than 300 sewing machines
  • 6 x inspection machines

Our capacity on these machines is in excess of:

  • Duvets: 600,000 units
  • Sleepsheets: 600,000 units
  • Hot & Cold Towels: 30,000,000 units

At other sites we have more than 100 weaving machines and 8 non-woven converting machines giving us a production capacity of

  • Woven Blanket:1,500,000
  • Fleece Blankets: 3,000,000 units
  • Non-Woven Head Rest Covers: 30,000,000 units
  • Non-Woven Pillow Covers: 30,000,000 units
  • Air Sickness Bags: 30,000,000 units
  • Non-Woven Refreshing Wipes: 30,000,000 units

Our manufacturing expertise is complemented by a team of technical and quality assurance professionals all of whom have many years of experience in our industry and we have ISO 9001, Oeko-tex and CGC accreditation.

Where applicable we can supply products that conform to JAR 25,853 (A) Appendix F, Part 1

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, our team can work with you to engineer and manufacture quality products that are fit for purpose and match your budget.

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